Commercial & Industrial Waste Management


At PDS we value our customers; therefore our experts are happy to customize a plan to fit your waste management needs. It is important for us to correlate services with your business plan. Moreover, we listen and adhere to your clear expectations. We understand the complexities of the commercial waste business, and for this reason, our values parallel those you consider most relevant. We strive to mirror your desire for clean, professional appearance which, in turn, enhances your property value and draws attention to your business community. Our fleet of equipment is specifically designed to provide the most professional collection and effective disposal of all types of solid waste, not including hazardous materials. With the addition of our new front loading trucks, we deliver convenient scheduled pickup as well as we supply our customers with special containers sized according to your daily waste volume requirement. To comply with green initiatives, we also offer recycling services for discarded packaging, such as cardboard and paper. Depending on your needs, we can schedule the pickup as often as required to meet your expectations for optimum service.

Our newly designed trucks are equipped with an automated forklift which is designed to pick up the trash receptacle, empty the waste into the hopper and then replace the container back on its pad. There is little or no residual waste left in the dumpster. Next, the waste is compacted with a hydraulic wall to further reduce the volume and create less landfill material. Remember air space counts in landfills.

Why Front Loading Trucks?

·  Smarter and stronger equipment for maximized labor
·  Enhanced safety features
·  Reduced harmful emissions
·  Lower fuel and maintenance costs
·  Saves time and energy
·  High compression ratio
·  Collects more waste on a single route

Types of Solid Waste

Commercial businesses such as office buildings, restaurants, wholesale and retail businesses use solid wastes that are generally food scraps, cardboard boxes, office paper, disposable plates and utensils, and yard trimming. On the other hand institutional complexes like schools, prisons, hospitals and libraries may include hazardous wastes that must be contained and collected in a different manner. The other type of business, industry, may have wood pallets and plastic shipping materials.

The service collection schedule chiefly depends on the volume of waste generated by your business, avoiding overages and that result in unpleasant garbage and create health issues. The front loader service we provide helps eliminate unsightly waste and it adds value to your business. The waste collection area is cleaner and with less litter on the ground. Nothing is more frustrating than messy trash collection sites with overflowing bins and litter on the property. The covered dumpsters or containers with self-closing lid are designed to contain waste, provide safety, reduce odor, and deter small animals. The lid also keeps moisture at bay.

PDS helps you determine the size and number of receptacles needed for your business. By collecting your waste data, such as the type of business and the density levels, we will find the perfect solution for your requirements. We are fully operational for multi-residential apartment complexes that have a designated waste collection area. We also provide service to strip plazas, restaurants, and warehouses. The commercial containers come in various sizes. For instance, a two yard front loader dumpster can only contain a small amount of trash, approximately 150Kgs. This size requires frequent disposal and proves effective for a small office that may have a substantial amount of recyclable materials. A separate recycle container gives you the option to dispose paper, cardboard and other miscellaneous green materials. On the other hand, we also have larger containers, eight yarders, which are capable of holding waste for an apartment complex, restaurant or strip center.


Our goal is to offer excellent service to keep our customers happy. Call our agents at Private Disposal Systems so they can assist you in finding the ideal waste solutions for your business.